Wednesday, June 12, 2024

 Junto Wine - Seward

Junto Wine is a favorite.  Not just because of its nearness but also because of the staff and location.  Everyone is always so friendly and helpful.  The setting is in a natural environment with a small forest right outside the door.  A trail takes you all over the property.  The outside seating takes advantage of the especially attractive natural setting.

They host events, as well.  June 14th was Founding Father's Day with live music and a food truck.

It can get pretty busy at times.  Interestingly, I was wandering around and found a family enjoying themselves on a platform.  What's interesting is that we have just about finished remodeling our home in Seward and Cindy was looking for someone to clean up afterward.  

And here I came across one of the owners of Dial-A-Shine in Lincoln.  It's crazy how many people we've met with some kind of possible connection, in our travels around the state for the Nebraska Passport.

Inside are a lot of tables and more visually appealing decor.  The books on the wall are real and lend themselves to the name of this location, Junto Wine.  Junto is a word related to Benjamin Franklin, when he made his private book collection available to others.  The meaning is approximately 'a gathering of people with similar interests'.  At Junto, that amounts to a friendly atmosphere, good friends and excellent wine.

This winery is a very special place for me. After we moved to Seward about 6 years ago, Frank took me to Junto. I had never been there before. We were immediately greeted by smiling faces. The servers were very helpful explaining the types of wine that I might want to sample. There is plenty of indoor/outdoor seating. And of course, they have WONDERFUL WINES. We have been there many times over the years.  The most recent was on Mother's Day.  We sat outside (it was a beautiful day) with a glass of wine for me and Frank had a glass of Peach Sangria, which surprised me since his favorite drink is Mountain Dew.  We had a relaxing date and enjoyed visiting with people at other tables.  While you're here, walk around and admire the setting.

Monday, June 10, 2024

 Antique Anthology - Bennett

Bennett seems to have a lot going for it lately.  Population is growing, shops are opening up.  Lots of nice amenities.  Antique Anthology is one such shop.

Don't be fooled by the word antique in the name.  This place has a huge variety of things for the home and your taste buds.

There are candles to light your way, parchments with positive sayings to guide you on your way and soaps to clean up when you get back home.

Cindy really enjoyed looking around and visiting with Janelle, the owner.  I looked through the jellies and condiments.  We did find a very tasty honey mustard that is super good with pretzels.

  Junto Wine - Seward Junto Wine is a favorite.  Not just because of its nearness but also because of the staff and location.  Everyone is ...