Thursday, October 12, 2023

Riverside Discovery Center Stop 60 pg. 15

Once again, we missed this from being open by minutes.  Darn it!  The lights were still on but no one came to the window when I knocked.  That's 4 we missed.  Pretty good, I guess.  The last two years we probably missed about 2 dozen.  It looks like a fun place to explore.

Red Willow State Recreation Area Stop 37 pg. 18

Red Willow is a nice area for local residents.  Plenty of water recreation opportunities.  We were a bit late in the afternoon, so we got our stamp from an outdoor box set up just for that.

There is a fish cleaning station here that I've never seen before.  Some of you know how the fish cleaning houses usually smell.  Looks like that been solved by this one.  The only other fish cleaning house I've used that had NO smell was in MN which had a freezer where you bagged the fish remains and put them in to freeze.

Valley View Inn Stop 16 pg. 43

The Valley View Inn is a very nice hotel for anyone who find themselves in need of accommodations while in Curtis.  It is well-maintained and offers some nice amenities.

We've all become quite used to having a breakfast of some kind and it available here.

There is also a large gazebo for a group of people staying here, such as a wedding.  Or other groups which utilize the hotel due to a Community Center about a block away.

For those who like to get outdoors, a nature trail is right off the parking lot.  Plus, a golf course is right behind the hotel.  In addition, there is a nice walking trail through an arboretum around town.  I didn't ask about it but I would suppose the NE College of Technical Agriculture is responsible to it.  By the way, this college is ranked in the top 30 best two-year technical colleges in the US, according to Forbes.

The hotel is certainly doing its part in energy efficiency.  Just outside to the north is a large solar panel array.  

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Second Chapter Brewing Stop 47 pg. 31

Second Chapter Brewing is located in the former City Library.  They were open yet the day we stopped but we were able to go in and get our Nebraska passport stamp. We spoke with owner Lisa who told us that her and her husband, Richard refurbished the former library and opened for business in January 2023.

As you can tell, they kept much of the library collection and blended it nicely into its new purpose.  I think that really lends itself to the whole feeling of homeyness.  

The renovation even had shelves of library books to remind people that it used to be a library. They have a community taproom and a shaded deck so you can relax and enjoy their craft beers and bar snacks. 

We want to thank Lisa and Richard for their kindness and for allowing us to enter to get our passport stamps, letting us take a few pictures and also telling us about the business. We wish you all the best. 

Monday, October 9, 2023

The Flower Market & Gifts Stop 46 pg. 39

The Flower Market & Gifts in North Platte was another beautiful stop for us.  This is a really nice store.  So many different areas with all kinds of items to browse through.

The flowers and bouquets were gorgeous, and the staff was very friendly.  Since Frank is the plant person in the family, he got all of his questions answered and also found a plant to buy.  It's a very comfortable store to walk around in.  There is definitely something for everyone and every home.

They even have a "watch cat".  That is, she watches for people who might want to pet her.  There are several themed areas to shop in and all of them are so nicely laid out.




The Flower Market also has unique gifts to decorate your home. In fact, they say that they are one of the largest home and decorating store in Western Nebraska.

If you find yourself in North Platte, NE, stop and see the store. You can also go to their website:

Monday, October 2, 2023

Sam & Louie's NYP and Boss City Brewing Stop 64 pg. 35

We came over to Sidney and Sam & Louie's in the morning but had already eaten lunch. To be honest, we've had Sam & Louie's pizza multiple times over the years.  We had one in our hometown until about 4 years ago.  I like Sam & Louie's pizza and was sorry to see it close.

I really liked this flag painted on the wall.

The brewery gets its name from the late 1800s in Sidney when the town was considered the toughest town on the tracks. Stan, the sole brewer of Boss City Brewing started out home brewing for many years before bringing his skills into the restaurant. Next time you go to Sidney, stop in and eat at Sam & Louie's and Boss City Brewing. 

Sidney went through a really tough time when they lost Cabela's.  It seems they are doing a great job in overcoming that.  To an outsider looking in, it appears they are progressing and going through a rebirth.  

Riverside Discovery Center  Stop 60 pg. 15 Once again, we missed this from being open by minutes.  Darn it!  The lights were still on but no...