Friday, June 30, 2023

 Pebble Creek Thrift Stop # 62 pg # 11

The thrift store is in what used to be the Dinkel Implement building.  I've been in it many times over the years. for repairs or service work.  I knew the building well and it still has the same walls, I think, only now instead of parts and merchandise it's filled with numerous assortments of other goods.

Even though it's a small space it has some nicely laid out displays.

All the normal things you would expect in a thrift store are here and like normal, there is always something here anyone might find useful.  I've been to maybe three garage sales in my life but this seems a lot like that except it's hugely bigger.  Everything here has been donated, nothing is sold on consignment.  All the proceeds go to back to the community.

 What the Dickens? Stop # 27 pg # 22

A British tearoom in Hastings, Nebraska.  It really reminded us of the Prince of Wales Hotel in Canada and afternoon tea service there.

We really liked this place, it's so unique.  When you visit here, you have to make time to try out something from the British menu.

We ordered Afternoon Tea for two and this is what came.  (Notice my pinky, I had to hold my cup properly, you know) The scones came with clotted cream and jam, really good.  In fact, everything was really good.

Ask Beth for a bit of background for this bakery.  She will be happy to enlighten you with some British history and how this store came to be.

Back Alley Bicycles Stop # 55 pg # 19

A bicycle shop in Red Cloud.  This is unusual for any small town in Nebraska.

But this is not a normal bicycle shop, they sell electric bikes, as well.  

You can also rent an e-bike to see how you like it.  Their electric bikes are made in the USA and very high quality.  They don't come cheap, though.  You can customize your own from literally thousands of combinations; accessories, colors, configurations and with batteries rated from 40 to over 100 miles, as well.  

Of course, you can rent or buy conventional bicycles along with all the gear you need for any biking adventure.  Talk to Lisa, she'll steer you in the right direction and get you into the right setup.

Railroad Towne Antique Mall Stop # 23 pg # 10

  Antique stores are very common but I've never seen anything like this.  It is a monster!  

Give yourself plenty of time here because if you're looking for something in particular, it's probably here but it might be hard to find.  There must be a million things here, maybe more.  

This view is from the second floor.  The basement covers the entire area of the first floor, which this photo only shows half of.  

  As you're looking for that something special though, what will certainly happen is that you'll no doubt find several other things you didn't even know you were looking for.  I'm not an antique store frequenter but I even found several things I liked.

Gatherings Market  Stop # 20 pg # 30

  This is a small store inside an old bank building.  It's narrow but filled with a surprising number of themed displays.

  They have turned it into a well-laid out place to find many great ideas for home decorations.

  Before you go here, look around your home and think about what room you might need to enhance.  Then come to the Gatherings Market and see if you can find something that fits your desired look.  Or you might find a gift for someone else who you'd like to inspire.

Monday, June 26, 2023

Collection Museum  Stop # 19 pg # 43

  Unfortunately, they were closed when we were here.  Hopefully, we can come back at another time.

 Gage Co. Historical Society & Museum Stop # 5  pg # 30

  The museum is housed in the Burlington Passenger Station.  One of the buildings left from the passenger rail service that all the railroads used to run.  

  When we entered, we were immediately greeted by a staff member and a volunteer.  They proceeded to give us a quick rundown of the museum areas.  This is very helpful to decide where to start.  There are a lot of subjects and it's well laid out.  We started with the flooding that Beatrice endured for decades.

  I was very surprised by the number of floods and especially the highest feet of the Big Blue River crest.  The worst one was in 1973.  Interesting how the town always kept coming together to repair and rebuild after each one.

  Numerous inventors came from Gage County.  Some of these I had heard of and some not.


As far as I know, personally, Dempster was the most well-known person in the area.  Just about everyone in eastern NE and most likely the whole Midwest, knew about Dempster windmills. Plus many other items manufactured in Beatrice.  During WW II, they converted to making anti-aircraft shells and produced 1.5 million of them.  Dempster Mills had several patents.

  One of the first doctors in NE to experiment with x-rays was Dr. C. P. Fall.  I know it must have seemed like magic then, but most things have a pretty crude start.  Especially things involving highly complex technology.

  The museum is well worth a visit plus you get a passport stamp for the effort.  Cindy and I really like to see the history presented in museums, such as this one.  Most small town museums do a very nice job of bringing back images of how life used to be.

Crunchy Bits Candy  Stop # 3 pg # 22

  This store is easy to find, being right around the corner off highway 75, on Central Ave.   You will want to make the east turn and NOT park on US 75 because the traffic is pretty constant.  You may wait a few minutes to be able to back out of your spot.

  They are sharing the space with a boutique right now but soon they will have the whole store to themselves.  

  This was new to me.  I've never heard of freeze-dried candy before.  It is surprisingly light and very tasty.  They sell their candy all over the country.  I've never been a taffy fan but when it's freeze-dried, it is very good.  In fact, we ended up taking some home.  You might think the calories would be less since each piece is so light weight but, I guess, that's only in my imagination.

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

 4th Street Sweets Stop # 43 pg # 23

  We had a very nice visit with the owner and things are going well.  They started this store fairly recently and business has really taken off.  

  They make a large variety of tasty treats fresh everyday.  I had a chocolate covered banana which I've wanted to try for years.  I don't eat much candy so I can thank the Nebraska Passport for getting me into a place that could make one for me.

  As you can see, they have a huge array of sweet treats for everyone's taste buds.  The display case there by the counter is all made right there in their own kitchen.  Lots of chocolates and other candies.  They also have caramel apples.  I used to get one of those, every year at the Labor Day carnival in Schuyler.

  Finally, you can special order trays for any event; Christmas, New Years Eve party, etc.

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

 The Refuge at Landmark Nursery Stop # 17 pg 18


Lots and lots of outdoor decorating and landscaping material.  They have plants, stones, trees, etc for whatever theme you're looking for.  

Feeders, pots, chimes, plus a whole lot more for the finishing touches.  

They have a designer on staff to help you plan for whatever you want to do.  She will help you create just the right plan for your personal yard space which you can install yourself.  Or they can install it for you, as well.

There are a lot of fun looking ideas around here for the perfect outdoor setting.

Sunday, June 18, 2023

 Wiebelhaus Recreation Stop # 15 pg 43

We haven't been to Crofton since our friends, Rich and Jane, got married in 1976.  The day after the wedding some other friends came up and we spent the day on Lewis and Clark Lake.  It's always fun reminiscing about our younger days.  We are very thankful that the Nebraska Passport took us back to that time, if only in our memories.

When we walked into Wiebelhaus Recreation, we were a little curious about what we'd find.  The name doesn't sound like a restaurant but it is.  The owner met us upon entering and said the hamburgers were the best around.  What else would he say?  Hah, they really are!!!

If you ever find yourself feeling hungry and close to Crofton, we highly suggest you go here to have one of the best handmade hamburgers around.

Sunday, June 11, 2023

Dundee Candle Co  Stop # 49 Pg 19

  At this location you can make your own candles with assistance from the very helpful staff.  I am NOT a craft type person, so I never knew anything like this existed.  I do like burning candles that fill a room with a pleasant aroma.  I thought we would find a bunch of candles already made, waiting for us to buy.  Nope.

  You can choose your own fragrances for your candles and combine whatever you wish.  I'm sure the staff will help you pick what works together.  Then you mix it all together, pick your candle container and Wah-la, you have a candle.  (As if I know what I'm talking about)

  I suspect this is a lot of fun for people who want to work with it.  I don't know how the plates and spoons are used except to somehow mix up your candle wax.  One of the fragrances is called Christmas Tree, I'm pretty sure I would like that one.

Thursday, June 8, 2023

 Hay Jay Coffee Stop # 50 Pg 35

  This shop offers drive-up or walk-up refreshments near an area of refurbished shops in Dundee.  (I'll talk about that in another post).  There is parking available for a nearby laundromat which is owned by the same couple who own Hay Jay Coffee.

  There menu board shows a nice variety of choices, including fresh-made teas.  

  Everything is made fresh right here when you place your order.

Riverside Discovery Center  Stop 60 pg. 15 Once again, we missed this from being open by minutes.  Darn it!  The lights were still on but no...