Wednesday, June 21, 2023

 4th Street Sweets Stop # 43 pg # 23

  We had a very nice visit with the owner and things are going well.  They started this store fairly recently and business has really taken off.  

  They make a large variety of tasty treats fresh everyday.  I had a chocolate covered banana which I've wanted to try for years.  I don't eat much candy so I can thank the Nebraska Passport for getting me into a place that could make one for me.

  As you can see, they have a huge array of sweet treats for everyone's taste buds.  The display case there by the counter is all made right there in their own kitchen.  Lots of chocolates and other candies.  They also have caramel apples.  I used to get one of those, every year at the Labor Day carnival in Schuyler.

  Finally, you can special order trays for any event; Christmas, New Years Eve party, etc.

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