Friday, June 30, 2023

 Pebble Creek Thrift Stop # 62 pg # 11

The thrift store is in what used to be the Dinkel Implement building.  I've been in it many times over the years. for repairs or service work.  I knew the building well and it still has the same walls, I think, only now instead of parts and merchandise it's filled with numerous assortments of other goods.

Even though it's a small space it has some nicely laid out displays.

All the normal things you would expect in a thrift store are here and like normal, there is always something here anyone might find useful.  I've been to maybe three garage sales in my life but this seems a lot like that except it's hugely bigger.  Everything here has been donated, nothing is sold on consignment.  All the proceeds go to back to the community.

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