Sunday, August 6, 2023

Bulldogger's BBQ Stop # 67 pg # 27

We arrived here at the same time as another couple from Omaha who were also out collecting Nebraska Passport stops.  We met them at Niobrara Valley Vineyards and we were both heading home for the day.  Got home kind of late that night.  We took our pulled pork home with us.

We didn't expect a fast-food restaurant for BBQ takeout.  Hope it works for them, the food is very good.  There is some space and tables outside while the weather is agreeable.  There were quite a few people coming up to order while we waited.  The aroma will certainly get your mouth watering while you wait.

The menu is attached to the glass, but this photo didn't work too well.  I should have gotten my actual camera with a polarizer filter to reduce the reflection.

They do something very thoughtful, listed on the left-hand signboard.  They honor military, indigenous people and first responders with 10% off.  Thank you for the considerate gesture.  

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