Saturday, September 9, 2023

Indian Cave State Park Stop # 63 pg # 47

This park is certainly one of the gems in the Nebraska State Park system.  There is so much to see here and it's a really a well-equipped place for large family picnics.

Lots of wildlife can be found at various times throughout the year.  Lots of different plant life but, unfortunately, it was a bit too late for most of the flowers.  However, I did find mushrooms.  

A cicada decided to land right by the trail.

Many kinds of mushrooms.  They provide excellent photo opportunities.  It's been just too hot and dry this year but there were recent rains that helped.  

The namesake of the park is a small cave in the southeast corner of the park.  A couple years ago the trail to the cave was closed due to weather damage so I wasn't able to get up close but the boardwalk that replaced it is really well designed and well built.  It takes you right up to the edge of the cave.  I know there are some old Native carvings but so many people have carved recent graffiti it's hard to find them.  It took me about 10 minutes of looking plus it started to rain lightly when we got there.

It was pretty rewarding to find one after looking through a long camera lens for so long.  If it wouldn't have been raining, I would have searched longer.

Indian Cave State Park is really a great place in southeast NE if you're looking for some great hiking.  Some of the trails are flat and some are very steep.  Lots of miles through some beautiful scenery.  There is also an old town site and cemetery to explore.  

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