Monday, October 2, 2023

Sam & Louie's NYP and Boss City Brewing Stop 64 pg. 35

We came over to Sidney and Sam & Louie's in the morning but had already eaten lunch. To be honest, we've had Sam & Louie's pizza multiple times over the years.  We had one in our hometown until about 4 years ago.  I like Sam & Louie's pizza and was sorry to see it close.

I really liked this flag painted on the wall.

The brewery gets its name from the late 1800s in Sidney when the town was considered the toughest town on the tracks. Stan, the sole brewer of Boss City Brewing started out home brewing for many years before bringing his skills into the restaurant. Next time you go to Sidney, stop in and eat at Sam & Louie's and Boss City Brewing. 

Sidney went through a really tough time when they lost Cabela's.  It seems they are doing a great job in overcoming that.  To an outsider looking in, it appears they are progressing and going through a rebirth.  

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