Friday, May 12, 2023

 Gold Mine Antiques Stop # 58, Pg 10

  Clever sign on the building.  At first glance, it appears like it's made from old, smudged metal but if you do more than just glance, you will see a miner panning for gold.  Not sure there's any metallic gold inside but you can sure find what I think is a very diverse collection of antiques that those interested in that will probably consider "gold".

  Cindy and I are not antique collectors but it is fascinating to see this old stuff.  Lots of these things were my toys growing up.  We did have a lava lamp once (who didn't).  

  The All American Beer sign is original but they don't know about the neon tubes.  No idea how long ago this was brewed.  I don't remember seeing any of it in any of my family's refrigerators.

  The store is small but it is really packed.  They have a very nice website for your perusal.  The owners are only there on weekends so plan accordingly if you want to browse around.

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