Sunday, May 7, 2023

Terrace Books, Stop # 12, Pg 38

  This is a really nice little bookstore.  We didn't take as much time as we intended because we wanted to head to Dodge to see Vernice (Cindy's Mom) in Parkview nursing home.  We both like perusing bookstores so we'll go back.  The store opened a year ago and has been very well received in Columbus.  It's located on 11th Street which seems to be the place for small shops like this.  I know how us Passport people are in going to visit stops on the map and this one will not disappoint anyone.  Unless you don't like reading.  I ran into someone once in David City about 25 years ago who proudly proclaimed he never set foot in the library.  I wasn't sure how that's something to be proud of but to each their own.

  There is a very attractive terrace in back with a small fountain and several places to sit and read your new book.  The large (I mean really large) east wall is covered with ivy and creates an inviting and comfortable atmosphere.  In this age of electronic everything there's something about holding a book that seems to instill a sense of nostalgia.  Memories or imagining's that take you back to simpler times when everyone wasn't trying to race to the next thing.  

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