Sunday, June 11, 2023

Dundee Candle Co  Stop # 49 Pg 19

  At this location you can make your own candles with assistance from the very helpful staff.  I am NOT a craft type person, so I never knew anything like this existed.  I do like burning candles that fill a room with a pleasant aroma.  I thought we would find a bunch of candles already made, waiting for us to buy.  Nope.

  You can choose your own fragrances for your candles and combine whatever you wish.  I'm sure the staff will help you pick what works together.  Then you mix it all together, pick your candle container and Wah-la, you have a candle.  (As if I know what I'm talking about)

  I suspect this is a lot of fun for people who want to work with it.  I don't know how the plates and spoons are used except to somehow mix up your candle wax.  One of the fragrances is called Christmas Tree, I'm pretty sure I would like that one.

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