Sunday, June 18, 2023

 Wiebelhaus Recreation Stop # 15 pg 43

We haven't been to Crofton since our friends, Rich and Jane, got married in 1976.  The day after the wedding some other friends came up and we spent the day on Lewis and Clark Lake.  It's always fun reminiscing about our younger days.  We are very thankful that the Nebraska Passport took us back to that time, if only in our memories.

When we walked into Wiebelhaus Recreation, we were a little curious about what we'd find.  The name doesn't sound like a restaurant but it is.  The owner met us upon entering and said the hamburgers were the best around.  What else would he say?  Hah, they really are!!!

If you ever find yourself feeling hungry and close to Crofton, we highly suggest you go here to have one of the best handmade hamburgers around.

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