Friday, July 28, 2023

Mac's Creek Winery Stop # 30 pg # 34

One of the larger venues I've seen at a winery when combining the inside and outside.  The tasting room has several tables and a decor that makes you feel comfortable.

Very friendly people work here and help make your visit even more enjoyable.  They do serve other drinks besides wine, even some soft drinks for those of us who don't care much for wine.

We visited with a group of folks who were there celebrating a woman's 86th birthday.  They were a lot of fun to talk to and had a lot of questions about the Passport.  As has been a common occurrence, there were connections in the Seward and Schuyler areas.  These social visits are as much fun as actually seeing the Passport stops and getting the stamps.

Both of the serving counters are fronted with barrel staves.  Very unusual and certainly unique.

The outside area is heated by infrared heaters instead of the more common propane fired portable heaters, so it is probably pretty nice even in cooler weather.

From here you can walk down a path using a map brochure stopping at various sign boards describing the grapes growing in the vineyard, family projects and sustainability efforts in how they operate this business.

There are also three cabins you can rent facing the creek, for a quiet, relaxing get-away.

This winery is run by a Christian family devoted to helping others and preserving the environment.

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