Monday, July 31, 2023

Normal Roasting Co. & Coffee Lab Stop # 9 pg # 42

The minute we walked into the Normal Roasting Co & Coffee Lab, the delicious coffee aroma welcomed me, not so much Frank, and we were also greeted by two men behind the counter.

They made us feel very welcome, comfortable, and right at home.  Stopping at the counter to order something, we visited with the men and found out that one of the men, Josh H and his wife, Sara, are the owners.  The other man, Josh U is the head coffee roaster, and they roast their coffee beans in house.  

I ordered an Iced Mocha Breve and Frank ordered a strawberry smoothie (He is NOT a coffee drinker). They also had some bakery items, which looked delicious, but we were not hungry. We sat, relaxed, drank our drinks, planned our next Passport stop and visited with the men as much as possible.  While we were there, they had a steady stream of customers which meant that the business was doing well. We really enjoyed Normal Roasting Co and of course my mocha breve was delicious, and Frank enjoyed his strawberry smoothie.   Naturally, there is an assortment of other merchandise for sale that goes with coffee.

Thank you very much for everything Josh and Josh.  We really enjoyed our visit and of course, our beverage pitstop in your very welcoming store.

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