Monday, July 31, 2023

Scatter Joy Acres Stop # 38 pg # 14

There are a lot of animals around here that you won't be able to find anywhere but in a zoo.  It's a large facility with many large pens.  They do have common animals found on farms around the area, as well, such as cattle, geese, goats, dogs, etc.  The staff here is really passionate about working here.  It isn't just a job for them because they have a close connection to the animals here.

One of the more surprising animals here is a young reindeer.  He was spending all his time laying in front of a large fan under a shad canvas.

Another very rare animal here is a white kangaroo.  It is still very young and lives most of its time in a cloth pouch, which it's able to get in and out of by itself.

It's also a petting zoo for visiting families.  We got there kind of late and didn't see many others around.  If you'd like to stay a while, there are small cabins that can be rented, too.  Events can be held here, as well, such as a family reunion.  You can also adopt one the critters and take them home with you.

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