Wednesday, August 9, 2023

 Kiechel Fine Art Stop # 32 pg # 38

When we walked in, the main floor was all but empty.  The young lady behind the counter told us they were getting ready for an art show.  This floor is used by artists to put their works on display.  They specialize in 19th and 20th century American Art, Old Master and Contemporary Prints.  Also, they have Regional and National Contemporary art. 

This is the fourth art gallery on the Passport but this one was a business buying and selling art.  We had a very nice visit with the owner and her daughter.  Yet again, we learned even more about art and artists.  I'm telling you I am going to have to take some kind of art class to get an understanding of what makes one piece more valuable than others.  

For example, I don't remember what this was called but it's a very expensive piece.  We were not allowed to take photos upstairs in the gallery, but we did find another Henri painting up there.  (Remember, that's the artist in Cozad that first opened my eyes to extremely valuable art).  Much of the art in the gallery didn't have a price.  It had a tag saying "POR", price on request.  Once again, we were '"wowed" by the artists' works and the beauty of them.  It amazes both of us how each artist sees something and uniquely expresses it.  

These small pieces were on the first floor, but I didn't check any prices here.  If you are seriously thinking about finding just the right piece for your home or office, they offer a service to come to your location to discuss possibilities.  Check out this beautiful gallery and see for yourselves the beauty in all of the pieces on display.

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