Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Wayside Barn Shoppe Stop # 66 pg # 11

The Wayside Barn Shoppe is in a rural area close to Stella, NE.  The shoppe is located in a 1904 barn, complete with a loft area.  It has been featured on Pure Nebraska. 

This is Dona and Lonnie, owners of the Shoppe.  Super friendly folks and a real pleasure to visit with.  

They grow gourds on their acreage and drill holes in them to make bird houses.  I don't know what kind of birds use them.  I saw several come and go from the gourds mounted outside.  The barn holds all kinds of antiques, gift items and craft items.  The owners of the shoppe live on the acreage with the barn and told us all about the history and how the idea of the shoppe came into being.

They showed us some desks that were found in the loft of the barn that were in great shape. They were the type of desks that Frank and I sat in at grade school.  Upstairs in the old hay loft is a bunch of holiday items.  I didn't ask but now I wonder if they light up all the Christmas decorations when in season.

 Their house is also quite unique.  It was built with an architecture style we've never seen before.  It must have been a really complex build when it was constructed.

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