Sunday, September 10, 2023

 Fontenelle Forest Stop # 6 pg # 14

We were really glad to see this on the Passport this year.  It has been on a list of places we wanted to see for so long but just never took time to go.  This year we finally got to see it, thanks to the Nebraska Passport.

The Visitor Center is very impressive.  There is a gift shop and a history room with many displays and descriptions of how it came to be and how it was named.

When you enter, the first wall on the left has a historical snapshot of numerous time segments with brief explanations of what took place here or near here, who the main people of the era were and how the area was used and changed over the years.

Archeologists have done extensive research here to help piece together all the events and their impact.

It's a very interesting place to visit plus let's not forget this is a forest.  Lots of hiking trails and if you join as a member, you can come even when it's closed and stay as long as you like.  I went out to take a quick look at the forest and came across a woman who just started hiking to the farthest point from the Visitor Center, which is a couple miles away.

This is a great outdoor recreational resource for the Omaha metro area and anyone relatively close by who loves hiking and the outdoors.

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