Wednesday, September 27, 2023

 The Crispy Biscuit Pet Deli Stop # 61 pg # 23

This is a relatively new business and appears to be very successful.  They make quite a lineup of homemade pet products.  Numerous people came in while we were there, late in the afternoon.  They have things for dogs and cats.  We got a sample for our cat, who is the pickiest cat I've ever seen, and he liked it.

To be fair, our cat loves to chase, catch and eat flies so he kind of earns his keep.  This is a very nice idea and competes directly with the big box stores such as Petco.  I'd always prefer to come here any day.  Personalized service.  The owner told us about a young girl who keeps bringing her dog in to have his height measured but it never changes, it only gets longer (because it's a Corgi).

Just look at this selection of treats on the menu.  It would make your dog's mouth start dripping if he could only read.

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