Monday, May 27, 2024

 Adeline's Bakery - Burr  

Adeline's Bakery is a very quaint country store about a mile or so from the small, southeast town of Burr.  She told us the bakery was named after her grandmother, Adeline who always had the coffee on and bakery to eat.  This little store is chock full of things you might find interesting.  The little building on the right is where Amy does all her baking.

The decor lends itself to promote the image of a small county barn on a farm.  The moment we walked in, the wonderful fresh bakery smell hit us, and we were drawn to all of the shelves holding the baked goods. She sells cupcakes, bars, cinnamon rolls, pies, breads and rolls. She also will bake more items on request. There were so many choices of different baked items, it was hard to choose but we bought the Salted Caramel Crumble Apple Pies. We also took a strawberry rhubarb cobbler for Tracy.  I discovered jars of jams and jellies, as well, and found out she makes them, too. I couldn't resist buying homemade Peach Bourbon Jam.  There are mixes you can take home and bake yourself, if you want.  If Amy doesn't have something you want, just ask.  Maybe she's getting ready to make just what you're after.

The cinnamon rolls looked especially good, but we had to draw the line somewhere or our freezer would still have some left.  By the way, the pies and jam were delicious.  Amy can be reached by email at:

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