Monday, May 27, 2024

 Wax Buffalo Candle Lab & Small Bar - Lincoln

We had fun here.  We met another Passport woman who is also heading off to the Utah National Parks when she leaves here.  She intends to visit them all.  That's what I want to do, too.  This is a very neat, bright and nicely decorated place.  I was surprised a couple years ago when we went to a different candle shop in Omaha so this time, I am not surprised.  I wouldn't have thought there could be so much interest in this that a successful business could make it.  In fact, this is the second store the owner has in Lincoln.

Very nice first impression when entering.

This is a small refreshment bar intended for guests participating in shopping or candle making.

I was so happy to run across someone engaged in candle making.  This young girl was making a candle for her mother, for Mother's Day.  Her grandmother was lending a hand when needed but this young lady had the process well in hand, after a little instruction.  Everyone was so nice and polite!  I can see how a shop like this can play a small part in fostering the goodness that the human race is capable of.

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