Monday, May 27, 2024

 Happy Kernel Gourmet Kettle Carn & Pork Rinds - Beatrice

This was a surprise.  Beatrice has two popcorn vendors!  This business is owned by a mother and son, Brenda and Anthony.  They have a remarkable array of different flavors of popcorn and pork rinds.  Cindy likes pork rinds, so she bought one package of Cinnamon sugar flavor and one package of Honey Mustard.  Both of these flavors were very good, light and not greasy.  I bought a package of buttered popcorn which was also good.  This business is another example of the small, locally owned stores in Beatrice.  Parking is plentiful with an empty lot on the west side of their store.

They have 36 popcorn flavors and 19 Pork Rind flavors.  They also have a few other items for around the house.

This photo shows a small fraction of all the different flavors you can get.  I failed to ask if they also sold fresh popcorn.  Stop in and check with Anthony, I'm sure he will find a flavor you'll be happy with.

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