Monday, April 24, 2023

    We just received the new 2023 Nebraska Passport books.  Our phone apps are updated, as well, so we're ready to go.  Very soon the fun will begin.  I'm happy to see that a couple places I've been to are on the list this year.  I've wanted to go back for quite a while to these and now we can get a stamp when we go.  Also, there's a few we've noted in passing over the years but we've never stopped at.  One we have visited is Neligh Mill State Historic Site, a long time ago.  I think it's been at least 25 years but I don't remember a visitor center.  This one is a little more interesting than just a passing curiosity because Schuyler used to have a very large flour mill.  It was the largest mill west of the Missouri river and was completely destroyed by fire in 1933.  The reason it has a connection for me is because I was born in and lived near Schuyler until 2018.
   The last two years were somewhat hurried since we were working and had to get as many stops and electronic stamps as possible over weekends. The next step will be to plan routes that coordinate with open times at the various locations.  I expect this year to be extra rewarding since we are both now retired and can travel any days of the week.  Hopefully, in the first week of May we can start the adventure.

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