Wednesday, July 26, 2023

K-Town Cakery Stop 29 pg # 22

 I realize this isn't a very good photo of the store front.  Sorry about that.  This is a very large kitchen supply store along with fresh-made items you can buy from a display case at the counter or order from a menu and made fresh in their kitchen.

There is a remarkable variety of cookware and other cooking utensils.

Along with lots of other food preparation utensils.

There is a large variety of party supplies.  

And cooking classes can even be held in one corner.  

I've never seen any place like this except on Food Network.  Believe it or not, I do like to cook and there are a lot of things here that I'd like to have.  Unfortunately, I have a small kitchen at home so I can't fit much extra in it.  Our daughter Tracy is the real 'amateur chef' in our immediate family.  She even got to go on stage with Alton Brown and compete with a couple others in a food knowledge contest.

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