Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Diana's Papillion Tea Shop Stop # 52 pg # 35

Diana's Papillion Tea Shop is located in a nice looking area on Washington street, with several attractive stores.  It has lots of room for customers to relax and visit over a cup of their favorite tea.

 And they certainly will have your favorite tea.  My gosh, I have never seen so many tea flavors.  

I had one of the Earl Grey flavors they carry.  I believe there were 3 different ones.  It was very good but then that's my favorite kind of tea.  We ended up buying a blend to enhance sleep, Cindy wanted to give that a try.  I tried it too, but I usually sleep good anyway.  She isn't sure she can tell the difference.

They have decorated their shop in a Japanese theme.  The rooms are small and actually quite comfortable and relaxing.

There is a small desk where you can set up your computer, if you like.

As you can see here, there is information as to the health benefits of the various teas.

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